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Bloke is in bed with his wife

Bloke is in bed with his wife having sweet time when there’s a knock at the front door It’s 2 a.m and bloke isn’t impressed but the knock is persistent so he goes downstairs.

Opening the front door he sees it’s blowing a gale and raining sideways and there’s a man standing there, bedraggled and soaked.

“Excuse me can I have a push?” the man gasps.

“Bang off!” says bloke, slams the door and stomps back to bed.

“Who was that?” asks his wife, so he tells her.

When he’d finished she says “That’s a bit mean – you had a flat tyre last month in the middle of the night and a stranger helped you.

Just think if you were out in this weather – how would you feel if you’d just been bang off?

“Bloke felt guilty so gets dressed, grabs a torch and staggers outside into the storm.

“Hello? I’ve changed my mind and have come to give you a push!” he yells.

“That’s great!” a voice calls back.

“Where are you?” bloke calls out.

“Over here” the stranger shouts “On the swings.”


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