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A man takes a pleasant stroll

A man takes a pleasant stroll on a Friday evening

Suddenly the Devil himself pops up in front of him and whispers,

“Take all the money in your wallet, go to this casino, and put them on the number 27!

“The man is first shocked, then becomes curious, and quickly yields, goes to the casino, puts all the money on 27 and wins!

Excited he exists the casino and meets the Devil again.

The latter is silent for a moment and then says again, “Take all your money – all that you’ve won – go inside and put them on 27!” – “Again?!” – “Yes! Do it!” –

The man quickly yields, goes in again, puts all the money on 27 and … wins!

Now everyone in the casino is amazed, they check the wheel, nope no tilt or bias seems like genuine luck, reluctantly he’s given almost two hundred thousand dollars and leaves elated.

Outside he meets the Devil again who again tells him to go put everything on 27, the man is shocked but does so, and wins again!

And now he’s given most of the casino’s bank, millions of dollars, walks out shining like a star, and says to the Devil,

“I don’t know why people say you’re the most sinister being there is, you’ve been awesome to me today!!

“The Devil looks at him strangely, pauses, and replies, “Well that may be true or not but you are definitely the luckiest mother bang son of a bitch that I’ve ever bang seen!!”


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