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An old man walks with a young blonde

An old man walks into a jewelry store with a young blonde lady

The clerk immediately thinks he is being taken advantage of due to the age difference.

She says to the clerk “Show me an expensive ring.” The clerk looks over at the old man and he gives a head nod.

The clerk pulls out a ring and tells her “this one is $50,000 dollars.”

She says its nice but I want something nicer.

Once again he looks at the old man and gets another head nod.

“This is one of our finest rings it costs over $300,000.”

She says “I love it ill take it!” The old man writes a check for the ring.

The clerk says due to the dollar value it will take 3 days for the check to clear, please come back Monday morning to pick up the ring.”

On Monday morning the man returns to the store by himself.

The clerk says “sir unfortunately the check did not go thru due to insignificant funds.”

The man says “oh I know it was never gonna clear.

I just wanted to come in and tell you about my rocking  wild weekend!”


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