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An elderly gentleman goes

An elderly gentleman goes to his doctor for a physical, checked his blood work, heart and lungs, everything looks great!

The doctor said he had one more test to perform.

He needed the man to go home to collect a peed sample in this jar to see how his reproductive health is

The old man says no problem with a smile.

The next morning, the man returns and the doctor greets him.

He hands the doctor the empty jar.

The doc asked what happened?The old man begins “You see, I came home, and first tried with my right hand.

And then with my left. I tried with both hands and still nothing… I asked my wife for help.

She tried with her right hand, then her left, and then both, still nothing.

Then she tried with her mouth, first teeth in then teeth out… Still nothing.

We decided to call over our neighbor, lovely young woman, helps us out time to time.

She said she would come over to help.

She tries with her right hand, then her left.

With both… She tried with her mouth, first teeth in then teeth out, she even stuck it between her knees….”The doctor cut him off… “YOU ASKED YOUR NEIGHBOR?!

“Old man simply responds, “Well yes, None of us could get the Jar open!!!”


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