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This young 18 year old young man

This young 18 year old young man walks into a drugstore nervously and after hesitating, summons the courage to approach the pharmacist at the counter and gets even more nervous.

The wise and experienced pharmacist smiles and asks him to relax and open up.

He finally blurts out: “I’d like to buy a condom because there’s this cute girl I’d love to score with and she’s a maiden.”

The older man has a knowing grin and says: “And you’re buying just one? No son, you’ll need way more than that. Get an entire box and give her something to remember.”

Now more confident than ever, our lad purchases two boxes with the intent of making her ‘remember’.

The next night, he approaches his girlfriend’s house as he’d been invited for dinner with her family.

He rings the bell, waits and his girl opens the door, obviously overjoyed to see him.

She pecks him on the cheek and ushers him inside.

He approaches the table and after very timidly greeting her parents, he keeps his head down the whole time.

Puzzled, his girl whispers to him: “I never knew you were this serene and reserved.”

To which he whispers in response: “I never knew your dad was a Pharmacist.”


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