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There was a farmer

There was a farmer who absolutely loved his tractors.

He collected all kinds of tractors and tractor memorabilia.

The only thing he cared more for, was his lovely wife.

One day, he heard his wife make an awful scream out in the fields.

He sprinted outside to find her body crushed by a tractor.

He was mortified, and promptly sold all of his tractors, all his tractor posters and collectibles, the lot.

A few years later, he meets a nice lady and decides he is ready to move on and try and find love once again.

While out to dinner with this young woman, the room begins to fill with smoke, completely enveloping the room.

The farmer says “Don’t worry, I will handle this”, and takes a big breath in and taste up all the smoke.

He sprints outside and blows all the smoke into the street.

When sitting back down, the woman says to the man “that was incredible, how did you do that?”.

To which the man replies “Oh it was nothing, I’m an ex-tractor fan”


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