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The wife served breakfast to Husband

The wife served breakfast to Husband.

Along with that, she gave a tablet also and said: “Take this Paracetamol after breakfast.”

Husband: “Why? I don’t have a fever.”

Wife: “OK, then take this Digene”

Husband: “Come on! I don’t have even gastric trouble.”

Wife: “Ok, take at least Pudeen Hara You will have an immediate relief.”

Husband: “My dear, my stomach is perfectly OK.”

Wife: “Oh, but you must take at least Combiflame Any pain in your hands or legs will disappear in no time.”

Husband: “Are you crazy? Why so much care and concern for me all of a sudden? Thanx darling, but I am totally fit, fresh and energetic.”

Wife: “Ve….ry good! Now take this broom and clean up the cobwebs from all the rooms and then clean up the loft also.”


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