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She finds herself on a deserted island

A plane crashes

The only survivor is a flight attendant.

She finds herself on a deserted island and after a while gets really hot so she takes her shirt off exposing her cleavage.

She sees smoke nearby and a rives to see a man cooking some meat.

Where are you from ? She asks him.

Great Britain. He replies.

How long have you been here?

Fifteen years.

Well could you give me some of that meat? I’m mighty hungry.

Oh yeah and what will you give me in return?

Something you haven’t seen in fifteen years.

She takes off her corset and the two start kissing as one thing leads to another.

After they finish they lay on the cool evening sand covered only by a thin cloth blanket, the man sits up looks at the beautiful women laying next to him he asks her:

Now where is the tea that you promised?


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