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Johnny lives on a farm

Little Johnny lives on a farm with his family.

One evening the family notices that one of the donkeys had managed to get out of the stables.

Johnny’s dad tries to lead the donkey back into the stables but the stubborn animal will not budge.

Johnny’s mom tries to coax the donkey with carrots and hay, but the donkey just ignores the food.

Seeing his parents becoming increasingly agitated at the stubborn animal,

Johnny offers to try and get the donkey back into the stables.

He quickly fetches a pail of water from the trough and proceeds to dump it over the donkey’s head.

Both of his parents stare in awe as the donkey calmly saunters back into the stables and gently closes the door behind itself.

Still in disbelief at what he just saw, Johnny’s father asks Johnny,

“Son, how did you know to do that?”

Johnny replies,

“I was walking past y’all bedroom last night when I overheard ma telling you, ‘If you wet the head first, it’ll go right in.’”


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