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A woman was with her boyfriend

A woman was with her boyfriend in her bedroom when she heard her husband coming up the front door.

In a panic she told her boyfriend “Hurry, stand in the corner and do not move until I tell you to.

Just shut your eyes and pretend you’re a statue.”

“What’s this, honey?” Her husband asked walking into the room.

“Oh, it’s just a statue,” she replied nonchalantly.

“Our neighbours bought one for their bedroom.

I liked it so much, I got one for us too.”

They went to sleep and then around four o’clock in the morning the husband got out of bed, went to the kitchen and came back with a sandwich and a glass of milk.

“Here,” he said to the statue, “eat something.

I stood like an idiot at the neighbours’ for 2 days and nobody offered me so much as even a glass of water.


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