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A statue of a woman and man

A bared statue of a woman and a man stand in a park at night.

Suddenly from out of nowhere, a magical genie arrives and grants the statues each one wish to be fulfilled.

Both the female and male statues agree on 15 minutes as a real man and woman in the bushes behind them to “get things done.”

The genie gives a knowing grin and grants the wish.

The man and woman immediately jump behind the bushes and screaming sounds and laughter can be heard from their activities 12 minutes later they return to the front of the bush again claiming they are finished.

“Well now, that was kinda quick!” the genie says.

“You can do it a second time for the remaining 3 minutes if you want,” the genie tells them, winking his eye.

Both the female and male look at each other and smile.

The man says to the woman, “Okay great, but this time you get to hold the pigeon so I can shit on him!”


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