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A penguin is driving a rental car

A penguin is driving a rental car through Arizona when, suddenly, the air conditioner stops working.

The penguin, frantic with the heat, swerves into the first car repair shop he sees.

Penguin jumps out yelling, “Quick, quick! Drop everything and fix my air conditioner.

I’m literally dying from this heat!

Really, it’s an emergency!”

The mechanic says, “Calm down, now. I can fix your car in about a half hour, and you should just go across the street to wait in the ice cream shop.

It’s cool in there, and they sell soft-serve ice cream.”

The penguin is thrilled, jumping up and down, and yells, “Yay!! Soft serve is my favorite!”, and he scampers across the street waving his stubby wings.

Exactly a half hour later the penguin rushes out of the ice cream shop with vanilla ice cream all over his face, and runs into the repair shop, yelling,

“Did you fix it!? Did you fix it!?”The mechanic says, “Yeah, no problem.

It looks like you just blew a seal.

“The penguin frantically wipes his mouth and yells,”NUH-UH! That’s just ice cream!!


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