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A man wearing a ten-gallon hat

A man wearing a ten-gallon hat and leather boots goes into a bar and sits down next to a woman.

“Are you a real cowboy?”, she asks him.

He responds: “For all my life, I have been tamed and ridden horses.

I have repaired fences, herded and tended to cows and caught escaped cows.

I think it would make sense to call myself a cowboy.

“To which she says: “Interesting. I myself am a lesbian.

I wake up thinking about women, when I am in the shower I think about women, at night laying in bed I think about women.

I constantly think about women.”

They talk for a while, until she gets up and leaves.

An older couple enters the bar and sits down next to the cowboy.

They eyeball him a short while and then muster up the courage to ask him:

“Are you a real cowboy?”,to which he replies:

“For all my life I thought I was a cowboy, but today I learned that I am in fact a transgender.”


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