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A chicken walks into a library

A chicken walks into a library, goes up to the desk and says “buk”.

So the librarian gives the chicken a book.

The chicken walks outside with the book and comes back 5 minutes later without the book.

“Buk, buk” says the chicken again, so the librarian gives it another book, it walks outside and returns with no book.”

Buk, buk” it says, and the same thing repeats a few more times.

Eventually the librarian decides to investigate what the chicken is doing with all the books, so they follow the chicken outside.

The chicken walks up to the edge of a pond, and tosses the book to a frog sitting on a lilly pad, surrounded by all the other books the librarian gave the chicken.

“Buk, buk.” Says the chicken.The frog responds, “reddit, reddit.”


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